The Short Story

As you lay in the warm sand, gazing lazily at the occasional cloud drift across the blue sky, the steady sound of the waves lapping at the shore almost puts you to sleep. Suddenly, a dark shape blocks your view of the sky. As your eyes adjust and refocus, you notice it is a BurgerTron Industries MidMgmt500 Bot. The Bot's harsh robotic voice breaks the gentle sounds of the beach, “Unauthorized break time. Wages will be docked 1% per minute until you return to the Burger Shop and make more burgers!”

What do you do next?

You contemplate this robotic request for a few seconds and then say, "Shove off, you rusty bucket of bolts", and go back to watching the clouds lazily drift across the sky to the accompaniment of the sounds of the waves.


You take a deep breath and muster the most possitive tone you can manage and yell out, “Yes, of course!” You jump up and run back across the street towards the Burger Shop.
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